Downtown Douglasville

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Downtown Douglasville

Everyone’s Welcome at Downtown Douglasville

Filming Fun in Downtown Douglasville

You may have already heard about some of the great filming spots that have already been used for feature films, right in the heart of Downtown Douglasville. The small town plaza has been home to big time films in many various ways. The great efforts by the many boards, preservation committees, and municipal organizations, along with amazing support from the Douglas County community, has lead to major success in preservation and restoration efforts. These successful endeavors have kept such buildings as the Old Jail, the Old Courthouse and City Hall, and many other landmarks, fully intact, functional, and usable for tourist attractions and authentic filming locations. Blockbusters such as The Founder, Stranger Things, MacGyver, and even modern shows like MTV’s Finding Carter have all benefited from the preservation of Downtown Douglasville.

Present, Past, Future

Besides the aforementioned historically preserved Old Douglas County Jail, the Old Douglas County Courthouse, and the Old City Hall, Downtown Douglasville is also famous for such timeless landmarks as O’Neal Plaza, the Douglasville Conference Center, and the Douglasville Welcome Center. These have all been scouted and used in various filming sequences by television and movie makers alike, and the way things are going, will continue to be used on a very consistent basis. You could even be your own moviemaker in Douglasville’s historic downtown area! Cast the family, film with Dad’s phone, and enjoy all the great backgrounds and ambience that downtown Douglasville has to offer! While you’re there, grab some grub, visit our unique shops, and soak in all the great southern, small town plaza, main street atmosphere you’ve been craving!

Downtown Douglasville is the perfect mixture of southern small town heritage and modern amenities. Even when several functioning municipal organizations relocated from the downtown area, it didn’t slow down Douglasville’s historic downtown district one bit. In fact, great steps were taken to ensure that even the older downtown buildings being replaced were still brought into 21st century functionality, while still preserving their 20th century charm. Many thriving enterprises still conduct their business in the downtown area. There are several great restaurants, shops, businesses, churches, museums, and so much more in historic Douglasville. Not to mention the full, family-friendly calendar of events that offer year-round fun and activities for residents and visitors alike! Everyone is welcome in downtown Douglasville! The Small Town plaza with Big-Time Fun!

Downtown Douglasville

Historically Modern

Everyone from Douglasville’s longtime residents, to filmmakers and film crews, and especially visitors and day-trippers, love the Downtown Douglasville area. A wonderful combination of Southern, Turn-of-the-Century charm is evident all around. While you won’t find streetcars or skyscrapers, you will find a wonderful “Main Street” vibe that will keep you coming back for more. Downtown Douglasville is nationally designated as a Main Street City, and officially documented on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s no mistake that Douglasville has gone to great lengths to keep its downtown area clean, thriving, and rejuvenated from generation to generation. From the classic architecture of the new and classic downtown buildings, to fine eateries, to markets, art galleries, shops, and entertainment, there is always new history being created in Downtown Douglasville.