Driving Miss Daisy

Driving Miss Daisy Filming Locations

Driving Miss Daisy

Starring: Jessica Tandy, Morgan Freeman, Dan Aykroyd, Esther Rolle

Release Date: January 26, 1990

Director: Bruce Beresford (Tender Mercies, Crimes of the Heart)

Written by: Alfred Uhry (Screenplay and Theatre Script)

Driving Miss Daisy Film Location

Plot Synopsis

Set from 1948-1971 in the Atlanta, Georgia area, Driving Miss Daisy was originally a live theatre play, written by acclaimed writer Alfred Uhry. In both the play and the movie, Miss Daisy (played in the film by Jessica Tandy) is a wealthy, Jewish, white, southern widow who lives alone in her Antebellum Georgia home. The story begins to move along swiftly when Hoke (Morgan Freeman in both the film and play) is hired by Miss Daisy’s son Boolie to be his mother’s chauffeur. The film and the play explored the conflicts and prejudices of race relations in the Southeastern United States during the post-World War II era.

Driving Miss Daisy Filming Location

A Snapshot of the Struggle

As you might expect, the race relations between white and black folks in the South was explored on several fronts during Driving Miss Daisy. But a brave and necessary move by writer Alfred Uhry was when he chose to explore the long-standing bouts of anti-semitism in the United States, even after Americans had witnessed the horrors of Hitler’s Holocaust during World War II. Driving Miss Daisy is an important film in the life of American Cinema, and explores a very important span of time in Southern American life.

Loved by most critics and movie-goers alike, Driving Miss Daisy cleaned up at the 1990 Academy Awards, garnering nine nominations and four wins. Originally, Warner Brothers Studios wanted Bette Midler and Eddie Murphy to play the roles of Miss Daisy and Hoke, respectively. But anyone who remembers this brilliant, compelling, important film, is quite glad that Warner Bros did not get their wish, and the casting of Jessica Tandy and Morgan Freeman remained.

Douglas County’s Role in “Driving Miss Daisy”

Douglas County was used for several key filming spots, including “Reece’s Service Station” near Sweetwater Creek Bridge in a very scenic section of Douglas County. So while you’re seeing all your other favorite filming spots in and around Sweetwater Creek State Park, Tributary Neighborhood Community, Riverside Parkway (The Hunger Games, Killing Season, Killers, The Walking Dead, and more) venture out to 1111 Blairs Bridge Road and see the site of “Reece’s Service Station.”