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Within a half-year of completed construction, Tributary had become the talk of the Metro Atlanta area. People loved the vibe, and the rigorous, detailed planning that went into every aspect of Tributary. Aesthetically, the homes and settings in Tributary are consistently beautiful through and through. So even a smaller townhouse looks totally in place standing next to a larger, more majestic ridge home. This consistency, along with the clean lines and beautiful scenery of the community, have lead many film makers to utilize Tributary for their backdrops and background in television and movie productions alike. From intense, comedic dramas like Killers (Katherine Heigl, Ashton Kutcher), to kid favorites like Diary of a Wimpy Kid (adapted from the popular book series by Jeff Kinney), one thing rings true: Hollywood loves the Tributary Community.

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Those who were raised in the Southeastern United States are likely familiar with the title “The Young and the Restless,” although when most people hear that title, they immediately think of daytime soap operas. However, that very moniker, often abbreviated as Y&R, is presently being officially levied on a very specific, highly sought after demographic of American suburbanite. 25-to-34 year old, college educated professionals (of diverse ethnical backgrounds and countries of origin), are now being called the Young and the Restless. And whether it’s by nature or by design, this highly-prized group seems to be relocating themselves and their young families in Douglas County; specifically in the area that Douglasville residents know as the Tributary Neighborhood.

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The original site plan for Tributary was to be a 1,500 acre community, complete with homes, townhomes, a village center, walking trails, sports fields, a high school, and outdoor adventure center, mountain biking trails, a tennis center, and almost anything else that a planned neighborhood could hope for. As the Tributary Community began to take shape, people of all demographics, including the Y&R professionals, began to flock to the area in droves. Located in between GA Hwy 92 and Camp Creek Parkway, and buffering against Sweetwater Creek State Park, Tributary feels both removed from and accessible to all the amenities of Metro Atlanta. What a great place to buy a townhouse, River Home, Park Court Home, Ridge Home, or any other beautiful dwelling abode, and have a peaceful, beautiful place to come home to. For vacationers, the Tributary Neighborhood is a beautiful spot, nestled just north of the airport, just south of Six Flags, and just west of Atlanta. What a great location!