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Raising the Standard for Georgia Film Trails

Whether you’re living, vacationing, or just passing through the Metro Atlanta, there is no shortage of fun things to do. One of the coolest new activities for families, couples, or friends is a fun adventure taking an afternoon, day, or several days to follow Georgia film trails.

A Beautiful Addition to Georgia's Film Trails

As a shining star amoung the growing number of Georgia film trails, Douglas County has a great series of locations that lead travelers to several different, prominent filming sites throughout Douglas County. The primary film trail markers hold strategic locations for multiple film and television productions. And the locations are growing more and more ever day! Check out the specific markers in the navigation of this website, or go right to one of the highlighted movies or television shows you’re interested in. There’s no wrong way to go about your Film Trail adventure! The Film Trail markers are easy to find, and each life-sized marker designates yet another key filming location. Exploring Movie Trails in Douglas County is safe and fun for everybody! Come on out and start your tour today!

From Hollywood to “Y’allywood”

Those who happen to be taking a vacation, traveling through the Atlanta area, or even those who live close to the Metro area might not be aware of Georgia’s Film Production Prowess. Currently, Georgia sits as the #3 state in the entire U.S. for film and television show production, behind only California and New York! With all this increased activity, it’s no wonder that folks can make an entire day trip out of visiting local movie trails. Douglas County is one of the frontrunners in Georgia-Based movie and television production. In fact, you could easily make a case that Douglasville is one of the major reasons why movie makers now refer to the Metro area as “Y’allywood!”

Douglas County - A Major Player in Georgia’s Film Industry

Most of the film production that takes place, or is home-based in Georgia, is centrally located in or around Metro Atlanta. The City of Atlanta is obviously a major player in Georgia films, but few other counties have embraced and even welcomed the film industry like Douglas County. Perhaps this is a major reason why the number of television and movie productions filmed, produced, and edited in Douglas County continues to grow larger and larger every day. It only makes sense that with a growing number of television and film productions in Douglas County, that an increasing number of couples and families from near and far would want to come see where their favorite movies and TV shows were made. Families on vacations, couples on weekend excursions, and day-tripping friends from all around the Southeast have enjoyed taking a day to enjoy film Trails all throughout the West Metro Atlanta area, including Douglas County.

Silver Screen Heroes of the Past

Legend has it that a lot of things were filmed in Douglas County. Some of these stories have become an essential part of the Douglasville Folklore. We’ve heard claims about everything from Ben Hur being filmed at the old 7 Flags Speedway, to Braveheart being shot entirely at Dog River Reservoir. While these claims are obviously ridiculous, there are some ridiculously obvious reasons why modern film makers love Douglas County. And one of these reasons involves the true Douglas County Film Heritage.

From classic, Oscar Winning films like Driving Miss Daisy (Reece’s Service Station on Blair’s Bridge Road), to cult-classic films that still have rabid followers today like Smokey and the Bandit (chase scenes along Interstate 20, etc.), Douglas County has seemingly always been destined for cinema.

The aforementioned 7 Flags Speedway was rumored to be a filming locale for Smokey and the Bandit, among other films that needed a classic, old-school, dirt track. In fact, there was so much activity around 7 Flags Speedway in various times throughout the 1980s and 1990s that an entire movie production could have been shot there, and neighbors wouldn’t have known the difference.

One of the more substantiated claims about filming at 7 Flags Speedway is one made by long-standing neighbors, residents, and eyewitnesses regarding a movie called Six Pack, starring Kenny Rogers as race car driver Brewster Baker. This good-natured film, which helped launch the careers of Diane Lane and Anthony Michael Hall, centers around a race car driver (Rogers) who takes a few mischievous orphans under his care, and also finds love in Erin Gray’s ‘Lilah’ character. Whether or not Six Pack was filmed at 7 Flags Speedway, the location sadly did not remain intact. In 2006, the popular local dirt track was decommissioned once and for all, and various local subdivisions were built on the old racing grounds. Some say, on moonlit, summer nights, you can still hear the ghosts of old Chevrolet Malibu, Ford Mustang, and Modified Stock racing cars circling the track near Warren Road in Douglasville, GA.

Trial by Fire (Film)

This 2018 film, directed by Edward Zwick (Glory, Legends of the Fall), tackles the provocative true story of Cameron Todd Willingham. Willingham was a Texas father who was convicted and executed for the murder (arson) of his three children, despite claims both before and after the execution that the alleged crimes of arson were quite doubtful. In Trial by Fire, Cameron Todd Willingham’s tragic character is aptly portrayed by Jack O’Connell, who has won 14 awards already for his work in international film. The film also stars Laura Dern (Jurassic Park) and Emily Meade (Boardwalk Empire, The Deuce). Much of the filming for Trial by Fire took place in Atlanta, GA and Douglasville, GA, including the entirety of the controversial courtroom scenes.

Trial by Fire Poster