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Douglas County’s well-planned, beautiful Tributary Community has become one of Metro Atlanta’s most sought-after neighborhoods, especially for a demographic known as the Y&R. The Tributary community, and all the amenities it has to offer, make home living much more like resort living. Combine this with a close proximity to Sweetwater Creek State Park, and convenient access to Interstates 20 & 285, and Tributary becomes one of the hottest neighborhoods for relocating professionals from all over the world.

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Tributary Film Sites

To outsiders, the Tributary Neighborhood might look like something straight out of a Stepford Wives film, but to those who actually live in Tributary, coming home is often the best part of their day. This beautiful community setting has been used in films such as Killers, and the Diary of a Wimpy Kid franchise. An oasis in an already beautiful setting, Tributary is a pleasant, fun-filled stop on your movie trail excursion!