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Foxhall in Film

This unique community is not only one of West Georgia’s most coveted places to live, relax, and play, but is now one of the most beautiful places in Georgia to film a movie! With such beautiful natural settings and versatility, Foxhall was chosen as the spot to film a large majority of the movie Table 19, released in early 2017. This film, starring Anna Kendrick, Lisa Kudrow, and Craig Robinson, takes full advantage of the Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club’s beautiful architecture and scenery. In fact, many viewers believe that the majestic natural beauty of Foxhall was made for storylines like we see in Table 19.

larger room shot of Table 19 stars filmed at Foxhall

Some filming locations are desirable for the blankness of their canvas. That way, the scenery can be transformed into whatever setting that the film maker desires. But some locations, like Foxhall Resort & Sporting Club, are utilized by film makers because of their innate beauty and natural settings. Table 19, which is a charming story about finding hope and inspiration for people who have found themselves neglected or cast aside (for one reason or another), is perfectly set in the southern charm of Foxhall. It’s exciting to think of all the possibilities for film makers at Foxhall Resort & Sporting Club, and all throughout Douglas County. The list of movie and television productions made here will surely continue to grow, and Douglas County’s reputation as a prime filming destination will continue to blossom. Come see all the greatness that Douglas County and Foxhall Resort & Sporting Club have in store for you!

Foxhall Resort & Sporting Club – Douglas County Film Trails

For years, Douglas County has been the home of the prestigious, privately owned Foxhall Resort & Sporting Club. Foxhall has long been known as a place of Southern Leisure and classic, outdoor recreation. Nestled on 1100 acres of beautiful, Georgia riverfront property, there really is no place like Foxhall Resort & Sporting Club.

Table 19 filmed at the Foxhall Resort

Resort to Enjoy Yourself

For those looking to create unparalleled memories with groups, or with their family, Foxhall is the place for you. Many marrying couples to Douglas County simply fall in love with the scenic surroundings, and decide to declare their love for each other at beautiful Foxhall Resort. With plenty of indoor and outdoor amenities, beautiful gathering rooms, and gorgeous places to stay, you could have the wedding of a lifetime. If Foxhall is this outstanding for weddings, you can imagine that the same principle applies to corporate meetings, parties, or any other special event that needs that extra special, Southern touch.

Premier Outdoor Sporting Club

For day-trippers and weekenders, there is literally no end to the amount of outdoor activities available at Foxhall. Classy, southern-style activities are available for experts, beginners, adults, and children. From outdoor activities like croquet and volleyball to plenty of hiking trails and wildlife viewing, to guided activities like fishing trips, ATV trails, firing ranges, and seasonal hunting excursions, there is literally no end to fun activities at Foxhall Resort & Sporting Club.