Downtown Douglasville

Small Town Square


The Heart of Downtown Douglasville

West of Atlanta, Douglasville is still close enough to be inside Metro Atlanta, but is very removed from the Spaghetti Junction, hustle-and-bustle style of downtown Atlanta. Downtown Douglasville has been deemed an official “Main Street City” by the National Register of Historic Places. One trip to downtown Douglasville and you’ll see why so many day-trippers, tourists, vacationers, filmmakers, business owners, and residents enjoy all that Downtown Douglasville has to offer. It’s a treat for the whole family

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The Perfect Backdrop

It isn’t just the unique, classic architecture to downtown Douglasville’s historic and modern buildings that make it special for movie makers, film crews, actors and actresses. It isn’t just the amazing people, both residents and day-trippers alike, that make Douglasville’s downtown area so special, and so attractive to television producers and movie makers. If you put all those things together, and combine them with the versatile flexibility of Douglasville’s accommodating atmosphere, you have the perfect recipe for nearly any kind of backdrop needed to produce perfect filmography. Come see what’s happening in Downtown Douglasville today