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Tyler Perry Productions

It’s no secret that the state of Georgia, and more specifically the Metro Atlanta area, has become a coveted area for film makers to make their movies. Because of the substantial amount of television and film productions that are now created, filmed, and even edited in the Peach State, many movers and shakers in the television and film industry have chosen to not just work in Metro Atlanta, but have decided to relocate permanently to the new "Heart of Dixie". The costs of producing a Hollywood film or television series are astronomical. But in Georgia, the cost of production comes decidedly back down to Earth. Add in the convenience of diverse terrain, historic buildings, a substantial interstate system, and the world’s largest international airport, and you have the recipe for a skyrocketing ATL film industry.

It’s no surprise that, over time, the talented people who are consistently involved with film production would consider living where they work. The cost of living in Metro Atlanta, versus the average cost of living in Los Angeles or New York City, is considerably more affordable. Living in the Metro Atlanta area, for filmmakers, film crew, editors, writers, producers, and even actors and actresses, makes more and more sense every day. But while it has become "En Vogue" for movie makers to work and live in the great state of Georgia, one man deserves recognition for relocating his operation long before it was trendy. Tyler Perry, the writer, director, producer, and actor of a myriad of highly-successful theatre, television, and movie productions, knew there was something special about Metro Atlanta when he relocated from New Orleans around 1990.

Perhaps Tyler Perry deserves more credit than just for being a major frontrunner for the Atlanta film movement. It’s quite possible that Tyler Perry himself has as much to do with the growing Georgia film industry than any other single factor. After all, Mr. Perry went to great personal effort to relocate even his own filming projects to the Atlanta area. Specifically, the film Why Did I Get Married was one of the first Tyler Perry films to be produced largely at his own Tyler Perry Studios in Metro Atlanta. So whether it was Tyler Perry’s direct influence on Hollywood, or the influential proof of his success (Tyler Perry has consistently been named the “Highest Paid Man in Entertainment), he has played a very prominent role in the budding Georgia Film Industry.