Very Bad Men (2013)

Very Bad Men TV Show Tour

Genre: Crime Documentary/Dramatization

Created for: Investigation Discovery

Rating: TV-14 (for graphic depictions and stories of human violence)

The WORST a Man Can Get

In this dramatic documentary that is based on true accounts of various crimes, terrifying male criminals and their horrifying acts are the focus of the action. Horrific tales of kidnapping, abuse, premeditated attacks, fraud, thievery, murder, and even more violence are re-told by law officials, the victim’s family members, witnesses, and various narrators, including Professional voiceover favorite, Brent Halfyard. Halfyard aptly claims that “The popular docu-crime-drama for Investigation Discovery is not for the faint of heart.”

So True, You’ll Wish it Wasn’t

Indeed, the esteemed narrator speaks truth. The themes of most of the episodes are most definitely intended for more mature audiences. The subject matter is even more intense to viewers, not just because of the depictions of horrible crimes, but because the stories are true accounts of real, horrible, very bad men. Sometimes the only thing more horrific than the crimes committed is knowing that there are men out there in our society that are capable of these terrible crimes and maybe even worse things! Many of these “Very Bad Men” can make gangsters look like grandmothers.

“Who You Know” Really Does Make All the Difference

Besides the fact that they have committed the horrible, premeditated crimes that viewers can see dramatically re-told and reenacted on Very Bad Men, the perpetrators of these terrible crimes also have another key thing in common: they have gone to great lengths to make their victims believe, at one time or another, that they are not filled with evil, malice, greed, or whatever terrible character trait motivates their debauchery. This common characteristic is perhaps the most appalling, and long-lasting sting felt by the victims, or a victim’s loved ones. It’s one thing to be swindled, robbed, beaten, kidnapped, or even worse. It’s quite another for those crimes to be committed by someone you trusted, whether you trusted them for 5 years, or 5 minutes.

Among other locations, Douglas County’s Old Jail has been used for various re-creation scenes in the popular docudrama, as well as a great wealth of information regarding several specific criminals.