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Riverside Parkway

Douglas County Film Trail - The Walking Dead Filming Locations

AMC’s The Walking Dead is a groundbreaking, post-apocalyptic drama that has shattered ratings records over and over, and has completely re-written expectations for cable-based dramas. For long-time viewers of the show, a certain amount of graphic violence is expected. After all, the world of The Walking Dead has been ravaged by the ever-present, ever-dead “Walking Dead” zombies that give the show its name. But what might surprise new viewers is just how intense the storyline of the show is. The remarkable thing about AMC’s television adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s original comic is that it takes a format that has often been typecast as “tired, gory, and worn-out” and creates an intense, riveting, dramatic series that has gained a diverse, loyal, and even rabid fan base.

The Walking Dead journey begins in and around the Metro Atlanta area. The show migrates away from heavy usage of downtown Atlanta for the bulk of its story settings after the first season, primarily because in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-ran universe, cities are even more difficult to survive in. But that doesn’t mean that the show left the great state of Georgia. In fact, the areas in and around Metro Atlanta became the perfect settings for the telling of the Walking Dead saga. Even when the cast of characters venture towards Washington DC and the state of Virginia in search of refuge, the actual scenes were still filmed, produced, and edited in the beautiful Georgia countryside.

All Roads Lead through Douglas County (tiny spoilers from Season 1)

Douglas County is proud to be an integral part of the heritage and framework of The Walking Dead. For instance, in Episode 5 of Season 1, the RV that the group is traveling in suffers an untimely breakdown. This scene was filmed along Riverside Parkway near the River Rd intersection. Though there is no actual residence along this patch of land, it has been officially designated 1651 Riverside Pkwy, located just southeast of Sweetwater Creek State Park, and just Northwest of the Chattahoochee River. The group spends a great deal of time at this location, fending off walkers and repairing the RV. One of the group members, who has been wounded, has lost his loved ones, and has suffered from at least one mental breakdown, lays defeatedly down against a tree. The rest of the group desperately attempts to convince the defeated member to continue the voyage with the rest of the survivors, but he declines.

In the scope of the group dynamic, this is especially impactful, because though viewers had seen cast members die or be overcome by attackers, no one had ever voluntarily just “given up.” This added another layer to the mental approach felt by audience members in regards to The Walking Dead cast. It was yet another struggle that survivors would have to overcome, and it all was filmed right here in Douglas County. Though Georgia is listed as the 3rd most popular state for television and movie production in all the United States, it’s shows like The Walking Dead that really endear the rural Georgian landscape, private farms and residences, highways and quarries, along with a myriad of diverse structure settings and historical buildings, to the minds and hearts of the viewing public. We hope you’ll enjoy your Film Trail tour of Douglas County, and have a great time enjoying all that Douglas County has to offer!

(Incidentally, after you’ve spent time at Sweetwater Creek State Park, and seen the filming location along Riverside Parkway, Walking Dead fans are pretty close to the Texaco where Rick kills his first zombie, and the famous intersection where Rick looks for gas and ponders the future of humanity, are right across the river, where Hwy 154 intersects Hwy 92)