Old Courthouse

Old DC Courthouse & City Hall



Courthouses and City Halls are generally thought of as places where one might go to procure a marriage license, pay a speeding ticket, or serve time on jury duty. In Douglasville, GA, we like to preserve our historical structures, like the Old Douglas County Courthouse and transform them into historical landmarks that can tell many stories without ever uttering a word. In fact, the Old Douglas County Courthouse, located on 6754 West Broad Street in Downtown Douglasville, has been converted into a fully functional, time-capsule museum that largely represents the post-World War II era.

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Vintage Versatility

Action packed films like The Last Punch, dramatic films like The Founder, and even mega-blockbusters like the Netflix series Stranger Things, have all found a home in Douglasville’s vintage downtown district. Specifically, the Old Douglas County Courthouse Museum & City Hall have been used for a variety of television and film productions, including the three films mentioned above.