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Hap and Leanard

Hap and Leonard - Mucho Mojo

A Sundance TV Original, Hap and Leonard was one of the most heralded and hyped new independent Television shows of the 2016 season. On screen, deeply complex plot twists are woven perfectly throughout the collective scope of intensely layered characters, highlighted by the shows two main characters, unlikely but perfect best friends Hap (James Purfoy) and Leonard (Michael K. Williams). The show with “Mucho Mojo” is a delightful and unique AMC original that viewers from all around the world can enjoy!

Hap and Leanard

The Two-Bear Mambo – Douglas County Film Trail

The 2017 GLAAD Nominee for Outstanding Drama Series may have its heart set in the bayou of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, much of the filming actually takes place right in the middle of Douglas County, GA! In fact, you can recognize some major Douglas County landmarks if you look really closely while watching the show (Can you say “Hudson’s BBQ?”). This AMC that bears the tagline of “The Two-Bear Mambo” is just one of the many TV shows that displays the diverse originality of Douglas County, and its myriad of great filming locations!

Hap and Leanard

Hap and Leonard – A “Darkly Comic Swamp Noir”

Although the filming for Hap and Leonard began in 2016, the lore of this swampy folklore goes back much further than that. You could even say that the underlying storylines of Hap and Leonard go back even further than the show’s original setting, which is set in the late 1980’s. Viewers will detect a distinct late 1980s – early 1990s vibe to much of the show. But the show is much more than a period piece, or a show about the comic mishaps of the primary characters. Hap and Leonard is a unique viewing experience that can really only be appreciated when binge-watched. Start your love affair with Douglas County’s own Hap and Leonard today!

Hap and Leanard

Among other great performers, Hap and Leonard boasts such established and beloved actors as:

  • James Purefoy (Rome, The Following, Altered Carbon)
  • Michael Kenneth Williams (The Wire, Assassin’s Creed, 12 Years a Slave)
  • Brian Dennehy (Tommy Boy, Romeo + Juliet, Death of a Salesman)
  • Jimmi Simpson (Westworld, House of Cards, Black Mirror)
  • Christina Hendrix (Mad Men, Good Girls)
  • Pollyanna McIntosh (The Walking Dead, The Herd)
Hap and Leanard
Hap and Leanard