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Film Trail Marker At The Old Courthouse

How to Follow the Official Douglas County Film Trail

Douglas County Film Trail currently has a number of life-size, custom-made Film Trail markers that have been placed at key filming locations all throughout Douglas County. It’s fun for families, friends, vacationers, and locals to start a TV Show Tour at any of the designated locations, and make their way through the entire film trail as they see fit! There are no wrong choices here! Choose your own adventure! For more information about each stop, or some of the key productions filmed at these locations, check out our entire site, or click any of the individual options you see listed. Douglas County welcomes you, and we hope to see you soon!

Georgia, Metro Atlanta’s Rising Importance in Film

Georgia & the Metro Atlanta area have long been hotbeds of thriving commerce, innovation, and creative artistry. For years, “Hotlanta” was known throughout the country as perhaps the premiere player in popular music’s hip-hop scene. It certainly didn’t hurt the cities growing reputation that such prominent television production companies like Turner Broadcasting also made their home in the Peach State. With obvious incentives like the world’s largest international airport, diverse terrain & infrastructure, and an effective municipal push to make Georgia more attractive to film makers, it’s easy to understand how and why Georgia’s prominence in the film industry grew. To say that Georgia has become a very important part of the television & movie production would be quite an understatement. In fact, according to the latest filming records, Georgia is now the #3 state in the entire U.S. for film production, behind only California and New York.

Douglas County’s Historic Future in Television & Film

Beginning officially in 2016, the Douglas County Economic Development Authority began embarking on consolidating some of the local experience and expertise regarding the growing Douglas County Film Industry. The goal was to be able to present a clear depiction of the exciting television shows and movies that have been (and are still being) produced in Douglas County. The number of on-screen productions that are filmed, edited, and produced in Douglasville continues to grow daily, so check back often on this site, or via our official social media outlets.